Dot Graphics Supplies was established in Durban, South Africa in 2010 with the aim of providing Complete Solution to the Printing Industry in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.

Dot Graphics Supplies has formed a strategic partnership with the best quality paper mills from China, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Europe, USA and Australia.

Dot Graphics also has access to a variety of paper mills in the Far East Asia with the help of its share holding company Vital Solutions PTE LTD in Singapore.

With the motto of Complete Solution to the Printing Industry, we also import and stock inks from Sakata India.

We have a state of the art ink matching centre at our facility in Durban to provide any spot color to our clients in the shortest possible time.

We also supply Flexo & W inks for label presses and inks for gravure presses.

We have vast knowledge and experience of the Ink Industry and also very well supported by Sakata Group worldwide.

Another important division of Dot Graphics Supplies is Graphics i.e Prepress & Printing Chemicals.

Our complete Printing Chemicals, Plates and Blankets are sourced from Tech Nova India, one of the best Printing Chemical Manufacturer in the world, they are also FOGRA approved.

We stock a complete range of Tech Nova Chemicals for Offset Printing & the Newspaper Printing Industry.

Aside from Printing Chemicals we also stock Printing Plates & Blankets from Tech Nova.

With Dot Graphics Supplies strong supply chain we add value to our customers by:

  • Acting as an efficient supplier of paper, inks, plates and chemicals to all the Printers in Sub Saharan Africa and South Africa.
  • Supplying to many countries in Sub Saharan Africa like Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, DRC, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.
  • A complete supply chain management to help in providing a complete solution to a client
  • Developing a complete Business & Financial Solution for customers.
  • Ensuring a smooth flow of information in the entire industry.

Dot Graphics Supplies inaugurated, important divisions in 2015 which was the supplying of Yarn to the growing textile industry in South Africa.

We not only stock various qualities of Yarn but also provide a detailed technical support to knitters and clothing manufactures in South Africa.

We stock various qualities of Yarn from top manufactures in Indonesia, India, Mauritius and Vietnam.

Dot Graphics Supplies has a strong and skillful team to provide a complete solution to the Printing & Clothing Industry.